October 21, 2014

Miss Argentina Tutorial

One of my all-time favorite Halloween-Movie characters - Miss Argentina!  This is a super easy makeup to complete, as outside of the green skin, the other components are basic beauty makeup.  Instead of natural tones, we are using blues and purples to highlight and contour the face.  Check out the video below!

Products Used:

{Jubilee, Saturate, Static, Distortion}

October 14, 2014

MOTD: Simply Vampy

Oh how I love a dark lip.  And now with Fall in full swing - this is sure to be my go to lip for the next few months.  I wore this makeup for the Target Styles event I helped host.  

I just picked up a few of Lime Crime's Velvetine Lip Colors and I am totally smitten.  I applied this color at 3:30pm and it was still perfect at 11pm.

You can't tell, but I was having a major allergic reaction to some pain meds I was taking post-surgery.  To fake the look of flawless skin, I mixed a pea-size amount of MAC Strobe Cream into about a nickel sized dollop of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in my hands and applied it with my fingers.  To make sure it was all blended I used a powder brush with a bit of the mixture left over and buffed until it was completely blended out.

I contoured my cheeks and eyelids with Blunt blush by MAC and added an iridescent highlight with MAC Pink Pearl Pigment.  I applied the New MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped to add a bit of shine and sparkle.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  It is quite thick and doesn't travel down your eye.  A few Ardell Individual Lashes to polish of the look and I'm ready to rip!


October 8, 2014

Domo Arigato


1. Mehron Metallic Powder / 2. Mehron Mixing Liquid  /  3. Real Techniques Foundation Brush  
4.  Loreal Infallible Gel Eyeliner  / 5. Ardell #102 Lashes (2pair)  /  6.  M.A.C. Carbon Eyeshadow 
 7. Real Techniques Setting brush


Pour about 1tablespoon of the Mehron Metallic powder into a small bowl or palette.   To liquify the powder - slowly add about 1/2 tablespoon of the mixing liquid.  Mix together - this isn't an exact science so you can keep adding a few drops of the mixing liquid until you get a nice consistency.  You want it to be a bit thinner than the consistency of hair shampoo, but not so runny that it's dripping everywhere.  I like to swatch it on the back of my hand so I know that it is opaque.

With your foundation brush, begin applying the silver mixture all over your face.  I suggest using doenward strokes when getting near your cheeks.  The silver shows off a lot of texture and any little peach fuzz you may have.  By brushing down, it will lay down any hair/dry skin and look more smooth.  Be careful when going around your eyes - use minimal product and slowly build the coverage.  The mixing liquid has a bit of an alcohol-like smell and can make your eyes water if you aren't careful.  If you want to carry the silver down your body, use a big makeup sponge like this.

Use the gel eyeliner to create the look of metal plates on your face.  Begin with the lines on the forehead.  Use your eyebrows as a guide and draw a slightly angled line from the arch of your brow into your hair line.  Mirror these lines so that they look symmetrical.

Using your mouth as a guide - draw a line from the outer corner of your mouth to your tragus.  This will give the look of severe cheekbones.  From the same starting point, draw a vertical line from the outer corner of your mouth to your chin.  Connect the 2 vertical lines to create the look of a squared-off chin.   

With the gel liner, line the entire outside of the eye.  Carry the liner under the bottom lash line and bring it all the way into the inner corner on top and bottom  Guys can stop there.  Girls - to create a slightly more feminine look by extending the liner into a wing.  Then add lashes to really open up the eye.

You can use the back of a small makeup brush or even a pen dipped in the gel liner to stamp on the bolts.

We are using the black eyeshadow to create dimension on the face.  You can think of it as "extreme contouring." Blend the black shadow under the lines we created for cheekbones and outwards from the lines defining the chin.  Make sure to also blend the shadow outwards from the lines on the forehead for more dimension.

Have Fun!!!

xo Shan