April 3, 2014

Your 1st monthly box of pretty FREE!

As an Expert Blogger on Pretty in my Pocket, I wanted to let you all know about their first online Perk partner, Julep! Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP), named “Best Beauty App” by InStyle Magazine is a mobile beauty shopping tool that lets you access beauty product reviews, ratings, & looks all from a scan of a barcode. Follow me on PRIMP for all of my reviews & looks right on your mobile phone. Available free on Android & iPhone.

Julep has partnered with Pretty in my Pocket to offer an online Perk to the PRIMP community. You can receive your first monthly Julep Maven box FREE with your PRIMP Perk code. Julep Maven boxes always include over $40 worth of polish & product for only $19.99/month. You decide whether your box includes all polish, beauty products, or BOTH! Only available to NEW Julep Mavens – if you already are a Maven, share this offer with your friends! They will thank you! 

How to get your code:
1. Download the Pretty in my Pocket app or login to your account. 
2. From your iPhone app, tap “Perks” on the bottom navigation then “Online Perks.” 
    From your Android app, tap “Online Perks” on the side navigation. 
3. Your one-time use Perk code is then displayed. 
4. Copy the code, email it to yourself, or write it down. Take the Julep Maven quiz & enter your code at check-out for your first monthly box free! 

Let me know if you redeemed your PRIMP Perk!

Don’t forget to follow me on the PRIMP app & take my beauty knowledge with you next time you are in the beauty aisle!


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