April 1, 2014


As a self proclaimed "Brow Girl" I am always seeking out the best brow filling products for my regimen.  I probably spend more time perfecting my brows than any other part of my makeup routine so if I can minimize the number of products as well as the time I spend applying it - I am all in….

Enter Makeup Forever's Aqua Brow.  I can't say enough good things about it!  This highly pigmented gel formula is not only WATERPROOF but will fill, define, and lengthen your brow shape.  I also find that it makes my brows look fuller and more dense.  Aqua Brow is available in 7 shades (only 4 are available at Sephora).

I can wear Light Blonde and Ash, but kind of prefer mixing them to get the perfect shade.  My shade varies depending on my mood (mood brows?), hair color, makeup, etc.  I simply use a small angle brush to apply the product (the tiniest dot goes a long way) and comb through with a clear brow gel.  I have found that when I pair it with a tinted brow gel it can tend to look bulky and a bit messy.

With warm weather on it's way and pool parties to follow shortly after - you won't have to worry about your brows melting, smudging or disappearing.  Totally worth the $20 price point.



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