April 9, 2014


My new favorite POP color.  White is quite neutral, but when used in unexpected ways it definitely creates an impact.  


1.  Apply an eyeshadow base - I like the clear Urban Decay Primer - and Curl your lashes.

2. Buff a matte, medium brown shadow all from lash line to crease.  This will make the white liner really pop against a slightly darker lid.

2. Use a White pencil to create your favorite cat-eye shape.

3. Create a fine black line at the base of your lashes using a liquid eyeliner - I used the NYX Studio Liquid Liner because it has a very fine, long brush and makes it easy to get a very thin straight line.  The black line will add fullness to your lash line.

4.  Continue tracing the bottom of the white line and carry it out under the actual wing.

5.  If you are having trouble getting a perfect line, use a pointed cotton swab and some oil free eye makeup remover to clean up the shape.