December 4, 2013

Who's that girl?

Not sure if you know this bad ass, but she is my current everything.  Come to think of it she has been my everything for a while.  Meet Iggy Azalea, my spirit animal.  She's kinda bad, pretty cool, and super hot.  Below is my current life anthem.  Get to know it.  In the meantime I will be perfecting my Iggy vibes with these products:

1. Ardell half lash / 2. NYX High Definition Makeup / 3. Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner /
4. Girl About Town by M.A.C. / 5. Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild / 6. Great Pink Planet by Lime Crime
/ 7. Red Square NARS / 8. #266 by INGLOT