December 6, 2013

Newest Obsession: Nike Hyperwarm

Normally in these winter months you will be hard pressed to find me doing anything that doesn't involve being under a blanket.  Nike's Hyperwarm gear is designed to keep you warm in cold weather by using it's thermal layer and brushed inner surface to reflect heat back to your body.  The fabric also wicks away sweat to keep you dry during your workouts.  

I mean,  I just love the prints so much I'd be happy to wear all of their women's line all the time.  I never met a print I didn't like.   I have yet to test this in an outdoor workout situation, but I wore it around my office for the day.  I am always cold.  ALWAYS.  Pair that with a drafty workspace and I am struggling to keep a normal body temp.  I am constantly adding more layers through the day to stay warm.  I basically look like this by 6pm.

I did not add one layer all day.  For real.  Not to mention the total upgrade in my appearance.  The gear is so sleek and figure flattering I just felt better all around.  I also had my FuelBand telling me to get up every hour and get active which also helped me stay toasty.

Sidenote:  Everyone needs a FuelBand.  It's such an excellent way to monitor your activity through the day.  As a gal who is in front of a computer A LOT it already has made me more aware of how active I am through the day and definitely motivates me to get up and do something every hour.  It would make an EXCELLENT gift for the holidays!  Plus have you seen the rose gold one??  

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