August 30, 2013


“Drink more wine.” “Eat less chocolate.” “Put toothpaste on pimples.” “Boost intake of leafy greens.” We’ve heard it all –skin ‘tips and tricks’ from friends, mothers, and other babes in our lives.  This month, Eucerin will help make matters a little less confusing  by ‘debunking’ some persistent beauty myths. Here are some of our favorites:

"Anti-wrinkle creams erase wrinkles"
Not necessarily, but they do help minimize the appearance of them.  Prevention is key, so apply a broad spectrum SPF daily.

"Washing your face with hot water opens up your pores"
NO. Steam from hot water can help soften the skin to remove hardened dirt and oils, but hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils.  Opt for luke-warm water and moisturize after cleansing.   

"Laying out poolside is the best way to get your daily intake of Vitamin D"
Please don’t!  Talk to your doctor about supplements or adding Vitamin D enriched foods to your diet instead of exposing your skin to harmful rays.   (THESE TWO are my everyday)

"It’s all about genetics"
 While genetics do play a part in your complexion, how your skin ages is dependent on variables like diet, sun exposure and whether or not you smoke.  

For more tips on how to take care of your skin, please visit the Skin First Pledge Facebook page.    While you're there, get a sample of Eucerine's Daily Protection Moisturizing Face and Body Lotion with SPF.  It's a favorite of mine, and I pretty much don't go anywhere without it.

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