June 7, 2013

I get around...

It's the freakin' weekend - how will you be getting around?  My new transportation obsession is SideCar.  SideCar is a ride sharing service that anyone can use - through downloading their app - to get around the city in lieu of cabs.

Check out my SideCar experience and why I love it so!

The biggest question I get asked about using SideCar is "Is it safe?"  I feel safer in a SideCar than I do in a cab.  Here's why:

"We built Sidecar with the safety of our drivers and riders in mind. In fact, we have many safety measures in place that make Sidecar safer than taxis:
  • $1 million dollar insurance coverage per incident
  • Background checks on all drivers
  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • A rating system that makes it easy for you tell us what you love and what needs work
  • A cashless experience – you pay with the app
  • GPS tracking of rides and the ability to share your journey details with friends"

Plus I can get behind anything my boo Lisa {soyeahduh} supports.