May 2, 2013


Something you may notice from my posts is that I am obsessed with lashes.  Unfortunately I am constantly annoyed with the color of my lashes.  They are so blonde they are almost clear.  This means I wear mascara from the moment I wake up until the second before I go to bed.  I feel like I look like a different person!  

That's why I have turned to lash-tinting to get me feeling "naturally" beautiful.  Seriously - there is nothing like waking up and already seeing black lashes.  PLUS I don't feel like I have to apply make up to get my morning coffee or to the gym (yes, I am that girl.)  Not to mention Summer is around the corner - and I love not having to wear water proof mascara for my daily lake-swim.

I get my tint done at the Benefit Boutique (along with my eyebrows).  I will be completely honest - it's not for the faint of heart!  It can be a bit uncomfortable.  Generally the worst it gets is a burning sensation around your eyelids.  Oh, and you look like this - 

The dye sets for about 10 minutes and then it is wiped and rinsed off with a saline solution.  After you are left with BLACK LASHES WITHOUT MASCARA.  I also feel like they look a bit thicker after as well.  I just give em a little curl and I'm out the door.  If you're in need of a little boost - give it a try!  It's definitely a Fave!