March 6, 2013

Radiant Skin

Do you love the look of healthy vibrant skin, but you're not sure quite how to get it?  Those of us who aren't Beyonce' have to work at getting luminous skin.  Luckily these 2 products from Laura Mercier make it soooooo easy to get that radiant skin we all crave!  PLUS you can use them with your current foundation/makeup regimen.

Laura Mercier Secret FinsishThis is an extra special last step that leaves skin glowing instantly.  Your skin will appear lifted and tightene  You can also use it  after powder to prevent powder from looking dry in fine lines.  It works really great under eyes to smooth out any concealer.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightener - This illuminating "pen" highlights and conceals leaving skin with a subtle sheen.  Trace it along the top of your cheek and brow bones for a naturally radiant look.  To brighten up your eyes, use on the lid and in the inner corner of your eyes for a fresh, awake look.

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