September 20, 2012

Tron to the Rescue

This past weekend was one for the books.  After working 3 weddings and 2 trials my souvenir is this lingering neck and back pain.  I'm sure the fact that I spend the majority of my day hovering over my MacBook is not helping matters.  I got a massage and I'm pretty sure I was in more pain than when I started.  So whats a gal to do? Alternative healing?  Couldn't hurt.  I'll do anything to get rid of this pain.  

The internet told me that these are two things that will make me feel like a million bucks.

Bed of Nails 

This "Bed of Nails" mat uses acupressure to relax your muscles.  The tiny "nails" work to increase circulation as well as stimulate the release of your body's natural pain relieving hormones.  15 minutes a day is said to help relieve insomnia, stress, migraines, back & neck pain, and promote relaxation.  

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape has been used since the 80's to help relieve pain, and prevent injury for athletes.  It's recently become very popular after appearing on some of the worlds most prominent athletes after the 2012 Olympics.  This tape stabilizes and supports muscles while offering free range of movement and bulk-free re-inforcement.  

Plus it looks SO COOL.  I kind of want to put it all over my body and live out all of my Tron dreams.  As a rule, if I get dressed and I look like I came out of Tron Legacy, I know I'm doing something right.  I feel like everything you do would feel 10 times cooler with neon tape running all over your body. 
Unfortunately for me there is a very specific way for these to be applied.  You can visit the various vendors websites for videos on how to apply the tape for each area/injury.

I can still dream of the day when my internetting sessions look more like this:

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