September 14, 2012

Operation Wedding: 5 Items That Will Keep You Looking Hot Day to Night

Let's be honest, as much fun and as special as weddings are, they are marathons.  Let's say the ceremony is at 3pm.  The bride and her gals are starting hair and makeup as early as 9am.  Then there are pictures, ceremony, more pictures, cocktail hour, pictures, reception, cake, dancing, and of course, more pictures.  The question I'm asked wedding after wedding is "Will it last?"

The answer is yes.  As long as you are using the right products your makeup will keep up with you all night long with little to no maintenance.  Here are 5 items that are always in my kit to keep my brides and brides-babes on point for the big day.

This is a miracle product.  Pair this with your favorite mascara to make it water-proof and flake proof.  Now you don't have to sacrifice the look of your lashes just to make sure that there won't be black streaks running down your face when you get a little misty.  Use it on your brows to keep them in place!

Do you always find your eyeliner in your crease?  This gel liner is AMAZING.  It's super creamy and super easy to use.  This is an everyday must for me.  I have very sensitive eyes and I'm constantly touching them and having to fix my makeup.  This liner has been a game changer!  The 24 hour smudge proof and waterproof wear is no joke.  Change the look from graphic to soft by changing your brush strokes!  PLUS it's fantastic to lay down before applying false lashes.

Ultra-long wearing and non-transfrerable, this lip pencil stays put!  It is water and saliva resistant (all you lip lickers out there) and feels cushiony on.  I like to fill the entire lip in and top with a gloss or shiny lipstick just in the center of the lip.  The downside - not knowing which champagne flute is yours without your lip print on it.

This compact is the best way to control shine (and it houses a mirror).  It's cornstarch based so it won't build upon itself as you re-apply.  The powder is WHITE but goes on clear.  This powder is special because it uses light diffusers to blur fine lines and wrinkles - which makes it great to set under eye concealer.  What you will notice is a soft glow from your skin as opposed to something very matte.  Dust on through out the day to keep shine at bay.

Soooooo maybe I don't carry this in my kit, but it is definitely in my purse.  Isn't it adorable?  If you're going to have to powder your nose, it should be with something adorable.  I prefer brushes instead of pads or sponges for makeup touch ups.  The brush give a softer application and won't move makeup the way some of the pads and sponges can.  Gently sweep powder over you T-zone to keep fresh.  If you have a very shiny area,  pick up the powder on the brush, then place and hold over the trouble spot.  This will absorb the shine without moving any makeup.



  1. I've been working my way through your blog after reading the refinery 29 feature yesterday. I have to break my silence and say this post is wonderful!

    I want to pick up all these products, I just hope they are available in New Zealand! Lash Genius and that particular brush may not be available here, but we definitely have Mac and Maybelline.

    I'm lucky to have eyelids which are perfect for fancy eye makeup, but all my eyeshadows end up travelling into my creases. I took this problem to a Mac counter and they recommended a painterly pot in a neutral colour to put down as a base on my eyelid, but even that topped with powder shadow travels. I love the cat eye liner in black, the Mac one does need touch ups for me so I'm super excited to stalk out that Maybelline one.

    I'll be visiting Mac again for that finishing powder too, and a great tip about a brush instead of powder application pad.

    Thank you! x

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