September 19, 2012

Fall Weather Skin Prep

Remember about a month ago when your skin was glowing, smooth, tanned and all around awesome?  All that humidity can do wonders for a gal's skin.  With quickly rolling in, I am already noticing my skin changing... and it's not very nice.  I know its only a matter of time until I peel of my black jeans and there is just a horrific amount of dry skin hanging on to them.  I will not let this happen to me this year.  I scooped some great products from Khiels to keep my summer skin all fall (and dare I say, winter) long.

The first place I start to notice dryness is under my eyes.  I swear, as soon as the heat kicks on my under eyes age 10 years in a week.  Generally its from dehydration of the skin and can be combatted.  This eye cream uses avocado oil to nourish the very delicate skin under your eyes.  It's important you use a cream that is specifically made for the eye area because the skin is so delicate and is constantly being worked (the average person blinks about 10,000 times a day) that it needs extra care.  Use this day and night.  It also can help your concealer look a little smoother when layered.

Shea and jojoba butters as well as sweet almond oil is mixed with ground luffa fruit to exfoliate your body with out drying it out.  It's extremely creamy and you can feel a difference in you skin's softness immediately.  This is also a great post-shave exfoliator.  No bumps, No dryness.

This is the best body lotion I have ever come across.  It's not sticky and will calm even the driest skin.  It's yellow color comes from the abundance of Beta-Carotene.  Beta-carotene is known for its ability to increase skin cell turn-over and regeneration.  That just means the old dead skin goes away faster and the fresh new skin cells take their place.

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