August 1, 2012

Bridal Beauty Kit: Eyeshadow

As you may have noticed, I have been busy with a lot of weddings lately!  Weddings are so much fun for me.  I always feel so honored to be the person that the bride trusts to make her beautiful on one of the most memorable days of her life.  I have been very lucky to work for some incredible women on their wedding day.  
Photo Credit: Emilia Jane Photography and Cassandra Eldridge Photography

The challenging thing about working a wedding, is never knowing who you may be doing makeup for (aside from the blushing bride) the day of.  Over the years, I have built my kit to be able to accommodate women of every complexion and age.  I wanted to give you a sneak peak into some of the things I carry with me to every wedding I do.  To go through it all at once would be painfully long, so let's start with eyeshadow!

The best thing about bridal makeup is that the colors are those that you can use every day!

All of these shadows are available from M.A.C.  I don't exclusively use M.A.C but you can't deny that they have an amazing selection of color AND texture.  Having worked for M.A.C. for many years, I have quite the collection.  The palette above features almost every neutral you will need to accommodate nearly every bride.  I try to stick to matte textures with the only shine coming from the highlighting shades.  Wedge doubles as a great eyebrow filler and carbon can be used wet as an eyeliner.  I also like to keep a good mix of warm and cool tones.  This palette will create everything from the subtlest to the sexiest of eye makeups.

If there it is more of a Kim Kardashian-esque smokey eye you want to achieve the cool palette on the left will supplement anything you may be missing in your neutral palette. The palette on the right is great for deeper skin tones as well as ladies who want to play up their blue or green eyes.

While you may not need every one of these bad-boys for your personal kit, there are definitely goodies in here worth getting.

All products featured available at MAC Cosmetics


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