August 8, 2012

Meet Emilia!

This has been a long time coming, but I want everyone to get to  know Emilia Schobeiri.  Emilia is a brilliant wedding photographer whom I have had the absolute pleasure of working with on multiple occasions.  Not only is she immensely talented, but she has been an inspiration to me since I decided to start my own business.

Aside from being a total babe, Emilia has the most beautiful blog where she not only shows of some of her great work, but gives charming snapshots into her life as a newly-wed, photographer, and all around great gal.  

I met Emilia through Mallory, who's makeup I did for her engagement shoot.  I knew immediately that she was someone to pay attention to.

She was also kind enough to do some head shots for me.  It is a tough task to make me look natural in front of a camera, I usually look like a complete goober.  

Emilia's talent is no mistake.  She works hard to make sure her clients are happy and confident in their photos.  What  I don't think Emilia knows is her ability to put people at ease and make them feel like an old friend even upon first meeting.  She really is stellar.  She isn't just some one you should work with, she is someone you'll want to work with.  Cheers to Emilia!

You can contact Emilia through her website
and follow her charming blog at


  1. You are seriously too sweet!! I l hope we can work together more soon :-) Or just meet up for a cocktail!