August 7, 2012

I need your arms around me, I need to feel your touch.

So, as much as I tell everyone that sunscreen is the most important thing you can wear (and it is!) your skin may be missing out on some important vitamins due to blocking out the sun's rays.  In order for our bodies to make vitamin D, it must be converted from UVB rays from the sun.  

Dr. Dennis Gross realized that a lot of his patients who were very careful to avoid sun were experiencing Vitamin D deficiencies.  He created this AMAZING serum which contains ACTIVE Vitamin D (most supplemental Vitamin D needs sun exposure to be made active).  Vitamin D is has amazing anti-aging and healing benefits for our skin.

I am in love.  1-2 drops daily reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, enhances radiance, alleviates dry or flaky skin and help reverse the visible effects of past damage through the nourishing and benefits of Vitamin D.

Within days of using this product, I noticed my skin was more radiant, the delicate skin around my eyes was less dehydrated, and the fine lines around my eyes were nearly gone.  OBSESSED.  I normally battle dry skin and can never find a great moisturizer that is rich enough without making me feel like I am wearing Vaseline on my face.  Within a few weeks, I stopped needing moisturizer at all.  I'll also like to mix it into my foundation for a luminous glow. 

At $65 a bottle, it's actually not bad for a serum.  

How I use it:
*dead ends 
*mixed into foundation
*pressed into foundation to reduce texture
*mixed into body lotion (1 drop)

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