August 3, 2012

3 is a magic number

Three great lines with three great products.

Bright fun bags for everything you need.  From the grocery store to date night Baggu's got you.  I'm thinking the neon yellow one for lugging around my laptop, the nude bucket bag for every day, and the pink zip bags for makeup and other nicknacks.

Stumbled upon this line and I am so glad I did.  I literally screamed "OH MY GOD!" when I saw the FNL "clear eyes.." iPhone cover.  So many beautiful prints to choose from.  Fulfilling all my pastel fantasies.  WWRD

Every thing a girl needs.  Beach textured, dirty, colorful hair.  Scrunch Hair Resort into your damp hair for a beachy look.  The Color Bugs are unbelievable.  I used to use them to maintain the pink dye in my hair.  Avoid washing it out by using his Dry Shampoo!