July 9, 2012

Heat-Free Beachy Waves

If you could feel how dry my hair is, you would cry.  Years of processing has left the ends pretty damaged.  So whenever I can, I look for ways to find ways to style my hair that don't involve subjecting it to further abuse with heat.  This is my favorite way to get soft waves without using a curling iron.  

1.  Start with damp hair
2.  Center part hair
3.  Make a tight pig tail close to the nape of your neck
4.  Add another hairband about 3 inches 
5.  Pull the hair in-between the bands to fluff it out
6.  Add another hairband another 3 or so inches down and pull hair
7.  Repeat on opposite side
8.  Sleep on it. (or clean your closet and read a book like me)

If you really want to set the waves try adding a bit of mouse to your hair while it's still wet.  Just make sure you brush it all through so you don't get the crunch.

Good luck!